…the earth moves…

I’ve been marking uni assignments the last couple of days and at times my head has been spinning but I was quite unprepared for another movement of the earth yesterday afternoon – enough to shake the house for a few seconds and one of the dogs even raised its head for a quick look around before going back to sleep. Pretty hohum, I guess, for Cantabs but it’s been a while since we felt one here…3.3 on the scale and ‘only’ 5 km deepQuake 27 may 13

The little ‘I shot down a MiG’ star indicates the epicentre of yesterday’s rumble in relation to the Mountain (looking nicely white already), with reporting ‘feelings’ indicated by the baby blue boxes in (from bottom to top) National Park, Raurimu and Owhango…

Checking out the GeoNet site this morning, it looks like Mother Earth is ‘easing springs’ at the moment as there has been a  string (at least two dozen) of minor shakes since then in an arc from New Plymouth to White Island…

1 thought on “…the earth moves…

  1. Reblogged this on The Chalet – Raurimu and commented:

    Still a busy little area tectonically…interesting to see some activity on the eastern side of National Park…little movements like this are good though, tension relieving…


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