Pictures at eleven(-ish)

I commented on Facebook the other day that “…although the drought hasn’t been good in many ways, it certainly has been a bumper growing season…just cooked up a big pot of our own apples for freezing and future culinary adventures, and it looks like homegrown strawberries for dessert again tonight…oh no…...” and promised to post pictures of the dessert…

Twins 420

Well, not only do we have a surfeit of strawberries (which live 9 to 10 o’clock from the head of the speeding toddler), but we also have oodles and oodles (an oodle is way way more than a surfeit for those that are more technically-oriented than others) of zucchinis…so many that I am running out of creative ways to consume them and will still blanching and freezing operations over the weekend…

Anyway, I had some chicken stuffing spare in the fridge. I had made this up for the roast chicken we had last week but I failed to read the opord properly and appreciate that it was going into the oven frozen so it would not be physically possible to stuff it. While I am roughing in on my own, I am also trying to work my way through all the spare food in the fridge rather than let it go to the chooks or dogs just because…

I chopped the ends off a large zucchini that I then cut in half. Using a long parfait-style teaspoon I scooped out the seeds (chooks did get those) and then stuff both with the stuffing. Both zucchini halves then went into a steaming dish with some green beans and cabbage for microwaving while some spuds bubbled away on the stove. These were mashed with a little grated cheese, with a dab of butter and a splash of milk. All served up together – very very taste and easy vegetarian dinner.

DSCF6718And then onto dessert…strawberries topped to remove the head and then split vertically into halves; sprinkled liberally with icing sugar and accompanied by vanilla ice cream (which apparently also goes off if left to long in the freezer). Minor calamity in the there was no cream so had to brace up and use another splash of milk to spread the icing sugar – tasted OK though…



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