Five Question Friday! 1/25/13

That I don’t always contribute to Five Question Friday is often not so much an issue of whether Mama M’s questions float my boat in any given week but is often more of me getting motivated…but certainly in this period of seeking employment and optimising the great weather for domestic projects, motivation is running high…so here goes…

1. Do you embrace or dread snow/cold weather days?

When it’s straight cold e.g. like this:


…I don’t mind it too much…when it’s ongoing days of this:

Image…when all the heat is sucked from the ground and house, and it is just miserably cold and wet…nope, not much embracing going on then…

2. Which game show or reality show could you totally win?

As a spectator, I usually do OK inWho Wants To Be A Millionairebut would probably freeze and stutter if actually on the spot; reality shows just leave me cold so I think that’s a non-issue...

3. What is your preferred climate?

I like New Zealand, specifically where we are now on the Central Plateau where both winters and summers are comfortable but not extreme…I’m not sure that I’d be so keen to return to the deepest South again, certainly not anyplace where urban snow and frost would be regular occurrences…then maybe, I’m just over urban…?

4. What do you buy every time you walk into the grocery store, no matter what?

I always stock up on dairy: milk, butter and marg…if we don’t it it now it can always wait it the freezer til it’s time comes…

5. If you see a spider/bug in the house, are you brave enough to kill it, or do you call for your other half?

I’d prefer that someone else deal with it, but can general wind up enough backbone to deal with it myself…I spent enough time in South East Asia sharing space with greeblies to want to still do it now…

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