Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

We don’t have clearly defined seasons here so coming up with some pictures that represent changing seasons has been a challenge ( which, I guess, is the whole idea!) and required a little thought and introspection – just a little mind…

Although we live on the side of one of the North Island’s whole two mountains, the arrival of snow is really a herald of seasonal change…sometime we get a decent dump as early as ANZAC Day, only to have another further couple of months of decent weather…other years, this is all we get all ‘winter’…

Raurimu 12-09-2012 8-23-26 a.m.

When I was living in Singapore and Malaysia, it was easy to tell – the monsoon had arrived when roadways became waterways…

Thailand-Singapore Bike Ride 1988 162

…and one sure sign of summer, as I have mentione din these challenges a few times before, is the explosive growth of the punga as they emerge from hibernation…

Raurimu Pungas 005

…and this is usually coincidental with the spike in Christmas music herald that seasonal shift…but in thinking on the subject, I think that we might only have two seasons here now: daylight saving and not daylight saving…when this…

Carmen and Bill the Bedford Go South 068

…and this…

Central Plateau 003

draw closer together and further apart like the handles on a season concertina….




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