Go ahead, stick a Morton’s fork in it. | rarasaur

Go ahead, stick a Morton’s fork in it. | rarasaur.

This particular topic came out this morning in a WordPress Daily Prompt, many of which light the muse before I get busy and forget about…one of these days, when I win the Lotto, I will sit out on the deck on my personal desert island and churn out all those unwritten or unfinished posts from all those overshadowed, OBE’d catalysts like the Daily Prompt…of course, being potentially out of work from next Friday, very soon I may be able to simply just sit around and that churning would, I guess, keep me off the streets…


So, anyway, the Hobson’s Choice idea this morning…

Daily Prompt: Hobson’s ChoiceIf you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

…was one that gave me serious pause (much like a bad curry) and that I actually thought I would write something on…but then Rarasaur slammed into my inbox with her witty take on the question (that conversation stuff she talks about? It’s just called ‘marriage’!) and I’ve opted to support her by slapping the ‘Press This’ button – don’t really like the ‘Reblog‘ button on the page itself – too skimpy on the interface for me…)…so there…

My take on the question is the opposite to Rara’s…if I had to make the choice, then I would continue to write because that’s what I do…I can always find other catalysts to write about other than other blog posts although it would mean. of course, missing out on some really cool, entertaining and thought-provoking blogs…on the up side, it might encourage me to swing back towards mainstream media as a primary source of information instead of sifting through the blogosphere, although…hmmmm…the difference between contemporary media reporting and some of the crappier blogs might be pretty thin…

But, writing’s what I do and I think that it behoves us all to do what we can to contribute to the broad base of human knowledge and thought – it is all so easy to just keeping it putting it off and off and off til we can’t really remember what we wanted to contribute anyways…it is some important to keep a record of who you are and what you’ve done, even if for no other reason to have something to distract the grandies with…every one has a story to tell and if we gave up writing, that we would one less way of keeping that story alive….so yeah, I swing the other way on this one…

And as I write this I am quite chuffed with myself, having just completed the minutes of the annual meeting I chaired on Monday…a marked improvement on last year’s that I only completed last week! It’s all just a matter of application, of parking oneself in front of the writing device (whichever flavour you favour) and ordering oneself to write…(wish it was that easy…)

PS. OBE = Overtaken By Events

5 thoughts on “Go ahead, stick a Morton’s fork in it. | rarasaur

  1. Ahhh! You turned my frown of the day totally upside down! Thanks for the re-press! 🙂 “But, writing’s what I do and I think that it behoves us all to do what we can to contribute to the broad base of human knowledge and thought”– I think this is a great concept, beautifully-said, and I totally agree. Writing’s what you do– and you’re great at it. I’m glad you’d keep on!


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    • Great post here and one that saves me the trouble of explaining Hobson and Morton (and now Buridan) and which does it so much more eloquently than I had planned…


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