Paths less followed…

Weekly Photo Challenge:Reflections « illuminating the invisible.

One of the attractions of blogging and in particular for me, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, is backtracking to the site of someone who likes, comments or otherwise makes their presence known on  post…these are the paths less followed that take me to places that I probably would not seek in the course of my normal surfing. At the moment that is largely constrained to researching various projects and implementing countermeasures to keep Dr Karma and the Mole Men (yes, I know it sounds like a bad 60s band – in reality, it’s worse…) so I really appreciate the light, life and diversity of these other paths…

I noticed the ‘like’ by Jess The Mess on my Reflections post on the weekend but only today after I got home from a gruelling trip to Wellington did I get to back track to Illuminating The Invisible and checking out The Mess’ response to the ‘Reflections’ challenge…both images show reflections so I guess meet the entry criteria but what I really liked about them was that each encouraged reflection of a more insightful nature…

The first, of the piles of an old wharf extending into the surf encourages questions about the history of the wharf, who built it and why, why did it fall into disrepair and eventual abandonment to the elements, who were the people who used to use it…?

The second of the mag wheels is a great pic of reflections in a highly-polished surface…but looking closer, what are the little folk thinking, what do they see in the reflection? do they know that a parent(?) is posturing in the background trying the get the shot? What’s caught the dog’s eye in another direction…?

Great photos…

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