Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I like to think of myself as just a little cosmopolitan and not too prone to considering things ‘foreign‘ or otherwise, when some place different from home, I am very much of a “…when in Rome…” philosophy. Thus, once again, I found myself challenged for a picture to represent my take on ‘foreign’…

After scouring through my Picasa libraries, the issue was resolved when Carmen got home from work – she works away during the week so, even though I too work on Saturdays, I usually take care of dinner so that it about done as she comes done the driveway. Last Saturday dinner was roast chicken because I have figured out that I can throw some sort of meat and assorted veges into a roasting bag, toss it into the oven and Voila! a few hours later, dinner is served…

So all was good, right up until she asked “We got any beer?” Oh, uh-oh…the cupboard (fridge actually) was bare of such beverages…but…she remembered that I had brought a bottle of foreign beer home from my recent work trip…and that it was nicely chillin’ in the fridge door…in short order, we had the cork out (no cheap Charley screw-tops here!), had found two long beer glasses chilled behind some leftovers and Kazam!! beer with dinner…

Unfortunately, I did not think to take any pictures of the glasses full although you may get some small idea of the colour from the smidgen left in the glass on the left…it does as the label on the bottle implies has a very ruby-ish shade, and like most of the Leffes, is very smooth. It’s taste is interesting almost like Turkish Delight if you can imagine Turkish Delight beer, very subtle though and while I might not want to do a whole night on Leffe Ruby, it was certainly a fine choice to go with dinner.

This is the window display of a typical dairy in Brussels…you can probably only get one flavour of potato crisps here but can choose from 400 types of beer…

And just before anyone makes anyone makes any comments about what sort of guy brings back a bottle of beer for this wife after an overseas trip…it was a target of opportunity as the hotel where we were staying had an offer of a free large bottle of Leffe Ruby for every seven pints consumed. So we did at least seven pints between each happy hour (only EU$2.50 ea) and each night claimed a trophy…I did however bring a number of kilograms of good Belgian chocolate back with me in the interests of domestic peace and harmony…

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