Weekly Travel theme: Foliage

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was late again this week so Angel Ailsa came to my creative rescue with an invitation to contribute to here Weekly Travel Theme, this week being ‘Foliage’…

I’m on the road at the moment and so don’t have access to the home image library – although, to be brutally honest about ti, my travelling net book has more than enough capacity to carry all those with me anywhere – so a photo challenge is somethinmes a little more challenging than usual…I’m in Brussels at the moment and it is trying really hard to be autmn or early winter but every is still really green and there are even still lots of flowers about…

But, then, last night, traipsing back through the puddles from the bus stop I spied this dry brown  leaf on the footpath – by the time I got to my camera and came back it’d been stepped on a few times but I still think it’s an OK example of some more distinct foliage on the Brussels scene this week…


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