FX Stolen from Auckland NZ


Posted on behalf of a friend…

Stolen from Birkdale on the North Shore area of Auckland, New Zealand, this weekend.

Please contact Auckland Police on 09 839 0741 .

Only one of this colour and layout in the area so if you see it, its the stolen one.

Last time an FX was stolen it was spotted outside San Francisco Hospital emergency department with 12 hours…let’s see if karma and keen eyes can do the same this time!

This is a little more than just the “…Only one of this colour and layout in the area…”: it is actually a very rare and unusual preproduction prototype…what really narks me is that the lowlife scumhead that has stolen it will have no idea of what it is…I am actually quite proud of my very minor contributions to the FX’s development in the last few years and so am just a little protective of it…

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

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