Five Question Friday! 9/28/12

OK, here we go for 5QF this week – have just arrived in Brussels after 36 hours on the go via Changi and Heathrow – couldn’t check in for a couple of hours so put our feet up at Blues Corner bar and acclimatised with three or four Leffe Blonds…don’t have access to my image library while on the road so probably no pics this week unless I see something relevant from my window as I type…

1. Do you prefer to drive to your vacation spot or fly?

If it’s in New Zealand, and in the North Island, then almost certainly drive – we are heading way up into Northland for Christmas and driving up in Lil Red and I am so much looking forward to it. A holiday in the South Island, we would probaly fly down and get a hire car from the APOD…anything overseas would be fly in-country and then see what we see vis-a-vis further mobility…

2. If you could live any where in the world, where would you go and why?

Well, having been all around the world a few rtime, I am actually pretty happy just where we are – if I had the money we’d dam up the valley a tad so that we could have a bit of a lake front but that’s about the only thing we miss where we are up on the Mountain i.e. the lack of significant swimmable/boatable water…

3. Should grown women wear leggings?

Well, from a purely superficial male perspective, only if they’ve got the legs for them; if not, we ll, somethings just don’t go together, y’know…

4. If you could change your name to any other name, would you? And what would it be?

Dunno, Luke Skywalker is already taken and nothing else really appeals – guess I’m happy enough as is…

5. What magazines to you have subscriptions to?

Right now I am subscribing to the Fighter Aircraft series because I liked the little 1/72 scale Spitfire than came with Issue 1 last year; I am getting a bit cool on it now because they seem to be sliding towards more and more 1/100 models which don’t go with my collection and which I think are a lazy way of cost-cutting, and b. because the companies quality assurance is the worst and many of the models are damaged within their protective packaging i.e. they were already damaged when they were put in the packaging…am just getting over it as we live too far from town to easily take back damaged items.

I am hoping for official approval to get a two year subscription to the new Airfix magazine, Airfix Modelworld as I really enjoy its articles, the articles are across the spectrum of modelling, it is a worthy successor to the old Airfix Magazine, and it comes with a free model…

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