Surf Nazis Alive And Well In NZ

The most fitting accompanying image I could find…

Oh…my God, it’s not often anything stops me in my tracks but this did…there are real live Nazi apologists in New Zealand!! Holy Heck, Batman!!

This blot on the tapestry of reality came to light when a small (very small) smattering of socalled anti-war (like anyone is pro-war) advocates set up their soapboxes in the FB Sumner Burstyn give back your NZ passport! page….The prattle about oil in Afghanistan was amusing but this revelation just took the cake:

Her: I dont support the way Sumner expressed herself at all. I mourn a lost life regardless of who they are. I do my homework every day and I dont wave placards or go to protests, I try to address the causes and not the symptoms, thats all. The intentions of NZ soldiers are no doubt honorable, all I am saying is I dont believe the actions or intentions of those requesting your assistance are. I didnt come here to be a punching bag for those wanting to vent against anyone who disagrees. Facts speak the loudest, it is a fact that the enemy you are fighting was deliberately created to collapse the soviet union. Why are we cleaning up the mess of failed US poilcy. They mass murder people on a regular basis and we dont want to be tarred by that brush. They are hated so much and rightly so.

Another Poster: Small question. Without soldiers who would have stopped Hitler?

Her: Hitler did not start the war contrary to the propaganda we have been fed. He invaded Poland in retaliation for the murder of 58,000 innocent germans in the danzig corridor. Examine his every speech and his works and you can clearly see he did not start the war.. The germans were starving as a result of the sanctions, they did all they could to avoid the war. General patton was assassinated because he saw that a mistake had been made, that germans were lovely compared to the way russians were treating people. They killed him because he did not agree with the treatment of german POW’s. 1million germans died of starvation without shelter, food or water at the hands of the americans. A cruel way to die. They havent stopped this cruelty and we ougt not to support their immoral actions..

Another Poster: Are you actually defending Hitler? [name removed to protect the stupid] you are deluded.

Her: you need to study his speeches and look at the provocations…i alwsy thought that too. We have been lied to all our lives…

Apparently, the answers are all in Patton’s diaries…Indiana Jones, where you when we need the Patton Diaries…?

In an attempt to establish her credibility, this individual stated that she’d been an Army wife – disclaimer not to be associated with real Army wives who are indeed a force to be reckoned with, lest anyone be subjected to the Death of a 1000 Chick Flicks – but, sheesh, woman!! Do you think that’ll really help your case when you’re pleading a case of self-defence for Nazi Germany…? Of course, the bigger question might simply be, ‘do you think?’…

While the creators and members of the page have been happy for those with alternate views to contribute to the page, it is disappointing that all they can do is attempt to use it as a platform for their views on the wrongs of involvement in Afghanistan, relations with the US, etc instead of avoiding the real issue that the page was established for, i.e.. to raise and share concerns arising from the unnecessary comments made by disowned Kiwi Barbara Sumner Burstyn (the Canadians probably wouldn’t mind disowning her now too) about fallen Kiwi soldier, Lance-Corporal Jacinda Baker. Although most members of the group manage to express themselves clearly and rationally, in some cases eloquently, the anti-war fringe consistently come across as poorly-informed and quite ignorant, with quick recourse to personal attacks against those that do not agree. I note that they are all very quick to rant away online but less keen to set up their soap boxes outside the RSA or anywhere in mainstream New Zealand…

Here’s another muppet: why is it that they all assume that any and all service people are mindless brainless machines capable only of following orders…perhaps it’s a super-clear that they have not taken the time or made the effort to actually get to know their ‘enemy’ – of course, this might mean that their preconceptions might be ever so shattered when they find that service people are actually smart, articulate well-educated people and, if the truth be known, always have been…one need look no further than the vast bulk of the comments posted on the Burstyn protest page…

Have to go now…I feel so bad the we picked the wrong side in WW2 and need to atone in my own small way…maybe a dose of Inglorious Bastards…?

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