Quick and yummy

There are times, when I working at home alone, that I kinda lose track of time and get so immersed in a job that all of a sudden it’s dark and I haven’t really thought too much about dinner…tonight was one of those times when I had given it some thought but hadn’t gone much past that…

The ‘girls’ in the chook house have really ramped up production and we have eggs coming out our ears at the moment so pretty much any food ideas need to include some eggy aspects. I also had some sausage meat in the freezer and the idea of a sausage and egg pie had a certainly appeal for a misty mid-winter night. Finding a recipe was harder than I thought as I am not particularly pastry-confident but I was amazed at the number of sausage and egg pies that were made with whole sausages and precooked whole eggs.

I found a mix for a Coronation Gala Pie that sounded interesting but decided in the end to go for as more traditional pastry-based one (one has to face one’s fears some time!). All was going well til I sent to retrieve the pastry that I thought was in the big freezer in the garage – must have used that for something else because that particular cupboard was bare of anything resembling pastry. I was too lazy to go to the effort of making a batch of pastry but remembered that the gala pie had used a bread base instead of the dreaded pastry.

I’d made a loaf of fresh bread last night and while this was a little too fresh to be an ideal pan liner, it did the trick – one thing I really like about home made bread is that it has very big slices that allow great coverage of the inside of the pan…tray…thing…I mixed the sausage meat with a decent squirt of tomato sauce and some tomato paste; a teaspoon each of coriander seeds, chili and curry powder, and some grated carrot left from our burgers the other night. I laid this over the bread lining the tray before whisking up five eggs seasoned with S&P and pouring that over the tray and filling any gaps in the meat.

The ‘lid’ was my last slice of bread, pressed down into the mix so that it would soak in and topped off with grated cheese also left over from burgers…40 minutes at 200 degrees and it was all done. I’ve started lining my trays with baking paper instead of relying on a greasy wipe for a clean release, and this one popped out nicely like a good poppy-out thing should…served up with four vegetables and there’s dinner…

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