Scrambled eggs with salmon

Scrambled eggs with tuna | Healthy Food Guide.

I started work before sun-up this morning….had one of those starts where I couldn’t get back to sleep so got up just to do something; got on a bit of a roll playing catch-up after being immersed in a  three day think tank since Monday morning – long days but really stimulating…

Anyway…a cuppa tea and a couple of large coffees fuelled me through the day and it was only as the sun started to disappear and the temperature plummeted, then I started to feel rather peckish. In addition to not putting the fire on early enough (like at least an hour before the sun and the heat disappear), I’d also been too engaged to remember to put some bread on…I’d seen this recipe a while back but we hadn’t any small cans of fish, salmon here not tuna (the dolphin thing), but tonight I found all the makings – not complex, three eggs, a little milk, some seasoning ( a flash way of saying ‘salt and pepper’), and a small tin of salmon – and had it knocked up and on some thawed buns in less than five minutes…

Very tasty, very filling and all it might have needed as a minor improvement would have been a little cheese grated over the top. I did change from the recipe slightly in mashing the salmon to deal to any bone etc and cooked the eggs and fish together for another couple of minutes on top of the 90 seconds stated in the recipe…

Now fed and ready for the ‘live’ Coro meets Irwin Allen episode…who dies…who lives? How long will they drag it out??

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