Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

This week’s challenge is ‘distorted’ – I’ve never really been into taking photographs of images distorted by the lens or some other direct medium so I struggled to find an approach to this theme. Then I remembered the online discussion at the Unofficial Airfix Modellers’ Forum in the lead up to the Classic Box Art display for ScaleModelWorld at Telford last year – all the build discussions are here for those who might be interested – on the difficulties being experience (and overcome) converying a 2D image into a 3D representation of that image without wildly distorting the theme and flavour of the original art work. So this won’t be for everyone’s taste’s but it’s something that rocks my boat so I’ve included rather more images than I would normally for the Weekly Challenge. Each set comprise the 3D interpretation with an image of the orginal artwork.

My favourite at Telford – yes, I was lucky enough to be in the UK over the Telford weekend and go to spend a whole day there so all the images of the displays are mine taken on the day – was JRatz’s version of the Matchbox M16 half-track – a personal favourite since I was about 10 – which offered a mjor challenge in capturing the essence of speed and urgency in the original…I think this is pretty damn good…

The trick, of course, would be to be able to photograph each display from the same perspective as the original image but the layout of the display and the sheer size of the crowd at Telford made this impossible. I think that the plan for this year’s Classic British Kit (CBK) display at ScaleModelWord in Telford is for a Part Deux of this theme as many have been inspired from he seeing how well the first attempts at this idea have turned out. Certainly, I am somewhat inspired to have a crack although it is a long way from here to Telford with what might be delicate cargo…thought this is what I might recreate:

Three or four Airfix Bloodhounds and a base board and away we go...

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