8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

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  3. Mr Cricket was in a jam… quite literally. the open jar of raspberry preserve had been sitting there, delicious and fragrant. a whole bunch of cricketing buddies was outside the window, just chewing the fat off the lettuce plants when he saw the jar. calling the rest of his clan they hopped to it and were chomping away before the bees and the wasps honed in on it.
    the Grasshopper turned up. Mr Cricket had always been jealous of grasshopper, a nice bright green colour, flashy wings, and the girls all liked him, just like those damn kermit frogs who were preening and posing because they were going to win at the Oscars. Mr Cricket was dull, black and indistinguishable. Seen one cricket, you’ve seen them all, said the girls.

    seeing the grasshopper moving in to sample, Cricket couldn’t help himself – ah, grasshopper! he shouted – and leapt forward in a kung fu kick- overturning the near empty jar and clunking Grasshopper on the head…. all the crickets, stopped, realising that the gig was over. Mr Cricket scurried off before he got berry’ed himself……


    • LOL…thanks, Louisa…despite intense investigation, it is likely that the true culprit(s) got away scot free…


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