Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Although, here, it is (apparently!!) summer, Winter is the theme of this week’s WordPress photo challenge…our winter this year was more wet than anything – we’re just below the Central Plateau snow line but even then we only got snow twice last winter…it was as cold as it looks here – the driveway is a big heat soak (we only heard about heat exchanger heating systems the week after we laid it down) and a sure sign that it is really cold outside is when the snow settles on it with out melting as it did soon after this pic was taken.

…but the next day was beautiful: great contrats of blue skies and white ground…

…and not everyone was upset by the cold…of course, the flip side of this is that it kinda sux to be a big black dog in summer…

More photo challenge catch-up in bound…

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

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