It’ll all be over soon…

…well, the working year anyway…and two other big ‘over’ milestones this week…the War in Iraq is ‘over’ (uh-huh) as is the reign of North Korean tyrant, Kim Jong-il, whose main claim to fame was a rather wooden cameo in Team America – World Police

At least he’ll be remembered for something…

Certainly I’m looking for a bit of slower time between Christmas and New Year to recharge batteries and consider how to do things smarter in 2012 – I don’t think that current tempo is sustainable – although spending two months of the year overseas sounds all very nice and exotic it is actually a real grinder that generates its own burden of work on getting home…I think I’ll be mandating periods of down time from January onwards to chase that elusive work/life balance – apart from reading and stash acquisition, hobbies have definitely take a back seat in 2011 and that’s neither healthy nor satisfying – I have enjoyed meeting the challenge of the WordPress weekly photo and expect see see this last couple of challenges caught up before the end of the year…I hope WordPress keep this up into 2012 as it is a great way of trying to maintain a steady pulse of posts…

Also expect a surge of more professionally-based posts too as I wade through the morass of draft posts sitting here and in MS Live Writer and select those which still may have a little life left in them…

Right then, that’s that surge of creativity suppressed…back to shifting offices…

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