Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

You've got to be kidding me!

I gazed in wonder (this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge) at the might of the Thon Brussels City Centre hotel ironing room…there are no irons or ironing boards in the rooms (less a dodgy trouser press) however “…guests may make use of the hotel ironing room…”…for a 29 story hotel with hundreds of rooms, what you see if what you get…and it’s not even a particularly good iron nor is it very clean – lots of brown gunge on the underside…

It’s a shame really as the rooms are really nice and a decent size although catching a lift is a bit problematic though: there are four of them but each is tiny and will only take three adults before the weight alarm goes off…waiting ten minutes for a lift is not unusual…

Nice big windows but the curtains leave a bit to be desired as they don’t block out the city night lights and one colleague staying on a lower floor gave the office girls in an adjacent office block a thrill when he climbed out of bed one morning!

Not sure if this is a place I’d recommend or not yet…

...great views from the 28th floor though...

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