Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Windows is the theme this week for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…this is a shot I took from our kitchen window a couple of weeks ago when it looked like spring had finally arrived – then it rained again…I was struck by this little chap’s bright plumage – he’s not something we see that often…and that’s the coollest thing about our windows where we live – we never know what we might see next through them…

I’m on the road at the moment, doing a loop up through Singapore to Europe and back over the next couple of weeks…arrived at our hotel after dark so didn’t have a chance to check out the view til this morning…and was presented with a lovely view of old Singapore…

Had a smooth flight over – is there anything else on Singapore Airlines? – managed to squeeze in four movies:


More giant machines beating each other up…good violent fun – four-engined V-22s (v-44s?) are very cool…


A lot of fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously – Tem Morrision dies early in the story (always a plus)…

captain america

Captain America is ripping good yarn and pretty true to the original ‘Cap’ story as I remember it…
potter hallows 2

The (at) last Harry Potter movie – kinda anticlimatic after all the hype and build-up to it – the whole ‘Luke, I am your father’ thing has been done before and let’s be honest about it, once it was down, any effect from using it again is largely lost…

Another long haul flight tonight but think I’ll be all nigh-nighs for most of this one…

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