Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

Mt Ruapehu from the Waiouru Officers mess dining room around 2006...

Over the shoulder shot of the other side of Mt Ruapehu, early 2010...

One of Carmen's pix - Mt Taranaki, early 2007...

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…Mountains…which are kinda scarce in the North Island: there is Ruapehu, referred to simply as The Mountain , with its smaller consorts Tongariro (better known in MiddleEarth circles as Mt Doom) and Ngauruhoe; the Mount in Tuaranga which is just a hill; and Mt Taranaki overlooking, funnily enough, the province of Taranaki…in the South Island, there are so many mountains they are all just lumped in under the Southern Alps, which of course, begs the question “Where are the Northern Alps?”

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