Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

An old fashioned method of getting...

...from here...

...to here...

...to get these...

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Old Fashioned’…there photos were taken at Purakanui. on the Otago Peninsula between Waitati and Port Chalmers, just north of Dunedin…it’s a lovely little settlement at the end of a winding no-exit road. We stayed in the cottage in the ‘from’ picture for a couple of nights. The channel runs right by the veranda and it has an external bathroom – at night one has to counts one’s steps very carefully lest one step once too many and goes for a swim! In the morning you can wake up and see the tide racing in or out through the channel and get the impression that the cottage itself is moving – very cool!!

Edit: Oh, yes…there were enough cockles there for a bowl of soup each…

Later on that day we saw restauranteurs from the city come out and hoover up dozens of cockles for commercial use – the limit per person per day is only about forty – this abuse should be banned!!

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