Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

For this week’s photo challenge, here’s a shot from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum last weekend – good thing I didn’t put off my visit til tomorrow as the impending Government shutdown means that all the government-run museums until the crisis passes…the image has been processed through the GIMP 2.6 old photo filter…

Had a good walk around Georgetown in the rain this afternoon, looking for antique shops – think I will have to cast the net wider next time I’m here as I couldn’t find much (yes, I know Google is my friend but it can take the fun out of exploring, even in the rain)…I resisted the temptation to buy a B&N Nook e-reader: I think I need to research this topic a bit more before committing funds…I think I want one with e-ink as opposed to an LCD screen and with wifi for library top-ups…I liked the Nook because in its Android-based as allows the user to access email etc as well via wifi or 3G but I am not sure whether this extends to the b&w version as well…not too fussed about the 3G but I saw one review which said that the Nook’s wifi only connects to the B&N internal netowrk which wouldn’t be much use to me once I get home…

The rubber band unwinds again tomorrow and I am off home again via LA for a night…

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