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It must have been a slow news day for The NZ Herald yesterday as it dominated its front page with a cheap promo item promoting an item in the August 2010 North & South in which mass murderer Stephen Anderson puts ‘his side’ of the story and says he’s sorry…that’s OK, dude you only killed six defenceless people during your drug-induced spin-out…please, feel free to rejoin society – NOT!!!  The media release for the Aug 10 North and South says…

Murder and Insanity

In 1997 Stephen Anderson shot and killed six people – including his father – and wounded four others. The crime became known as the Raurimu massacre. Anderson, then 24, was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Now sufficiently recovered to live in the community, he writes publicly – and very personally – for the first time about his descent into mental illness and its tragic consequences

Whichever way you spin it, this guy hasn’t even done thirteen years for killing six people and the ‘I was misunderstood’ defence carries no more weight that ‘they made me do it’…To add insult to injury, North & South even paid this criminal $2500 for his story and here I was thinking that crims were not allowed to profit from their crimes…The bottom line is that if Stephen Anderson had not been breaking the law in his initial drug use then it is unlikely that this massacre would ever have occurred – by being a minor criminal, he became a major criminal and thus should still be a guest of her majesty for some time to come…

I’m sorry but I just can not accept the way in which we seem so fixated on looking after the ‘rights’ of criminals and just gloss over the rights of victims and ordinary citizens…at the very least, the money paid for this article should go to some victim support fund as a very ‘in your face’ reminder that crime does not pay – although it seems that, in real life,  it does…

Fortunately, the other mainstream media had real news to cover yesterday so hopefully this festering sore will be allowed to heal and the sleepy hollow that is Raurimu can go back to being so…

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