5 thoughts on “Colour Me Scared…

  1. Hey Simon,

    First: Allow me to recommend Janssons Temptation for a cheap dish that’s quite good (I’m not an anchovy fan and yet am totally rabid for this). http://www.dlc.fi/~marianna/gourmet/5_6.htm

    Second: Yon needs to go fuck himself. The last thing we need is another guy who has a vastly inflated sense of self who thinks he’s the only person who can save the Republic. I’m sure you’ve noticed that he’s constructed a self reinforcing world of delusion where contrary information can be held up as proof that he’s a poor, persecuted hero. Any chance of you sharing his entire paranoid ramblings?


    • The Temptation looks awesome but will have to wait until; next time I am in a town with traffic lights to get some anchovies – the local supermarket doesn’t stock anything that exotic…will let you know how it goes…

      The latest from Mikey…? Try…

      I have in my possession compelling evidence of General McChrystal’s smear campaign. It’s been sent to my attorney. The sad part is that McChrystal is incompetent even with a smear campaign. Official statements by his people — in writing — have been defamatory and libelous. A writer must be able to spot libel just as a soldier must be able to spot IEDs. It’s part of the job. If you can’t spot it, you will get hurt. Further evidence of McChrystal’s incompetence is the ease with which he jerks a writer from the field and gets a laser on himself/staff for lying. And then his own staff commits defamation and libel. They fight like children. They are giving me their ammo. It’s saddening. We cannot win such a complex war with people like that in charge. This is not a winning team.

      Brigadier General Daniel Menard has been charged. Interesting how practically nobody is picking up on the fact that Menard went public on Saturday only after I contacted his staff for information about the shooting. The U.S. claimed no knowledge of same shooting.

      Incredible that U.S. media is not talking about Brigadier General Daniel Menard’s recent track record. He leads U.S. forces in combat here. It’s astounding that families of service members are not calling for his removal from command.

      Brigadier General Daniel Menard, who has now been charged for negligently firing a rifle in Afghanistan, and who allowed a strategic bridge to get blown up just a few miles from his office, continues to lead American soldiers.

      These quotes have been brought to you today by the words ‘personal’, ‘vendettas’ and ‘libel’ and the number ‘5’ which is Mikey’s maturity age…and that’s being unfair to 5-year-olds…


      • Those quotes remind me of Captain Queeg from the Caine Mutiny.

        ‘Yes, I knew someone must have stolen the strawberries and using my incredible powers of logic and intuition I proved beyond any doubt that someone must have fashioned a key out of soap. But all the officers are disloyal and have conspired against me!’

        Maybe we should send Mike some ball bearings he can twirl around in his hand while he rants and raves…


  2. Kia ora Simon,

    yes well Yon wasn’t seen as someone who knew what he was talking about when I worked in Iraq. He seemed to be following the unofficial party line that we all knew was Bullshit. Just like Paul Bucannon here as the so called ‘expert’.

    just another CIA analyst like Paul Brmner who had no idea what was going on. Yon was another. He was in the middle of it supposedly but couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

    Though he wasn’t alone in that.



    • Cheers, Dusty – have ruined my breakfast many times listening to Paul Buchanan spout forth BS on the news – great to hear from someone with personal knowledge of Mike yon’s antics…


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