Marking Time

1/32 B-38 Hustler – yes, it really is made from paper…!!!

I am frantically working on three papers at the moment which has severely cramped my daily post style…it is also the beginning of March which means that the second question in the HLS roundtable is now ‘live’ which means a fourth paper should be gestating somewhere in the dark spaces between my ears…the second question is “Why are we unable to measure the relationship between homeland security expenditures and preparedness?

The good weather (is this really summer?) hasn’t been helping but Carmen and I did get heaps done around the place over the weekend so there is progress somewhere…

By means of a space filler, the test build on Ken L. West’s B-58 has just been completed at Paper Modelers and I expect that the model will soon be available for purchase and download at Ecardmodels soon…

There was a great full moon last night and Carmen and I missed a goodly chunk of Doc Martin (normally must-see TV in this household) to try to capture it…this is about the best of my attempts but I expect that Carmen’s will be much better as she has the eye for these things that I lack…

Moonlight Over Raurimu

We’ve also been experimenting in the kitchen again but will save that for a dedicated post…

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