The View From My Window

Saw this idea pop up on Travels with Shiloh and wondered ‘who the hell is Sully?‘ After a bit of Bing-ing, I found Davos Newbies, and from there got to the source at The Daily Dish. I thought it was quite a cool idea and so here’s my view…above is as it is now and below is as it will be once the current study gets converted back to a bedroom and I get relocated to the shady (how appropriate!) side of the house.

Be interesting to see how many others pick up on this idea in the next few days…

3 thoughts on “The View From My Window

  1. That’s gorgeous…Between the photos that you and Peter post I can see that I’m going to have to bump New Zealand up the list of places to visit.


    • ..but maintaining the fence is a real cow!! Nah, seriously, it’s a great location and we lucked onto purely by chance…a longish story but if the bore in our rented house in Turangi hadn’t dried up, we’d have never have stumbled across this place…the only downer is that it is a tad dislocated from the job market at the moment…


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