2 thoughts on “Circles, triangles and squares…

  1. I meant to comment on this a couple of days ago but lost track of time.

    Of course you’re correct. COIN used in the U.S. need not be of a militarized sort (and, as you mention law enforcement is militarized quite enough already) In fact we may have passed the point of diminishing returns in some places and that tact may be counterproductive.

    Our problem generally isn’t that we don’t have enough security personnel on our streets. It’s that a) those personnel aren’t deployed properly and b) we’ve got nothing else.

    If you buy the argument that COIN, clear-hold-build, whatever is a worthwhile strategy then you need more (a lot more) than guys with guns. That’s only been tried in a few pilot programs so far (and they’ve had good results but don’t last long enough).


    • Yep…know what it’s like keeping track of things at this time of year…I think the militarising of law enforcement is another issue that does need to be looked as, aside from perhaps a small group of specialist agencies, it becomes counter-productive very quickly in terms of community relations.

      I look on COIN as the relief column that may or may not get through whereas what we really need to be doing is getting our collective acts together and interdicting those activities and environments that lead to that ‘COIN’ situation in the first place, hence my Countering Irregular Activity hobby horse – irregular activity doesn’t just happen between nations; it happens daily in our communities, even if it is something as apparently innocuous as the local business community trying to close down or shift the youth centre because it is in the middle of town and might affect their business incomes…


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