1 thought on “So what if…

  1. “Coming Anarchy has disappointingly misused it to leap on its own little bandwagon of police militancy…”

    Well, that’s about half the story. You either missed the part where I recognized Salina’s methods as follows:
    “In one respect, I see it as a remarkably adaptive effort in domestic law enforcement’s effort to combat rampant gang related crime.”

    Or chose to take the post out of context the validate your claim of “leap on its own bandwagon.”

    I look at issues from many different angles. When domestic law enforcement begins utilizing military doctrine it’s not enough for me to simply recognize the potential effectiveness of that measure. I look also at plausible negatives. In this case how utilizing military tactics may add weight to American LE’s swing toward militancy. That doesn’t seem, to me anyway, like a case of jumping on a bandwagon. Tossing aside plausible drawbacks and simply focusing on it’s potential effectiveness does seem, to me, to be case of hopping on a bandwagon.

    I’d also like to clarify that the post in question contained my opinions and observations which aren’t necessarily shared by my three colleagues. Your phrasing lends one to think we’ve all four found consensus on this issue.

    Sorry you found the post disappointing and thanks for the critique. Constructive disagreement breeds a better thought process.


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