Feral takes a tumble

Feral's Domain

Feral's Domain

This is Feral’s studio, where she hangs out, especially when the dogs are inside. Typical female: has more phones than she can talk into at once, clearly has a bit of a drinking problem, dishes are left out,  and it wouldn’t hurt her to have a tidy up in the bathroom.

I’m not sure what she was doing but there was just a great crash and a squawk as her climbing frame thing toppled over, catapulting a tortoiseshell blur over the edge – they really do land on their feet! As you can tell by the stairs and the top of the front door her little eyrie is a couple of metres of the floor so it’s was probably all a bit exciting for her for a while. She’s OK but when I found her tucked away under one of the grandfather clocks, she was clearly less than impressed and has decided to spend the night on the ground floor…

While on the topic of pets, the Creature Comforts newsletter popped into the inbox this morning. I can not speak highly enough of this establishment between Sanson and Bulls – we have been homing the dogs and Feral there for a couple of years whenever we go away. Sonja and Irene are a couple of top ladies and really care for the animals, even giving them a bath whether they want one or not, and offering a great range of services including a new Doggie Daycare facility in addition to the normal overnight stays…Kirk and Lulu both love it here (Feral is not so impressed but then she’s a picky bitch) so if you’re looking for a quality kennel in or around the Manawatu, this is it.

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