Visiting Museums

It’s taken me a while but I have now uploaded all my museums pics from my UK trip into Photobucket – too ages to get them all done: not sure whether the problem was Photobucket or just a dodgy broadband connection.

Defence Capability Centre in Shrivenham – I’m not sure what they actually do here but it is the coolest place to work: just chockful of tanks, big guns and other cool kit.

Imperial War Museum at Duxford. My first impression of the museum at Duxford was ‘oh, is that it?‘ before I realised that I had only completed one of six hangars. But even then I was in aviation geek heaven, having been up close and personal with a Vulcan, Victor and TSR.2. If you visit Duxford, it is easy to get to via the motorway system but give yourself a full day to look at everything. I can recommend the sausages, beans and chips as well…

RAF Museum at Cosford. If I had thought that Duxford was aviation geek heaven, Cosford just blew me away!! The very first plane I saw inside was the mighty HP 188 – almost even cooler than the TSR.2 if it had warpaint instead of its natural metal finish…and another Vulcan, another Victor, a Valiant too plus another TSR.2 – the displays at Cosford let you get even closer to the aircraft than at Duxford, so it’s a great place to go for details shots for any projects at home…

If I get time I will try to go back and add captions to some of the more obscure images. To follow is still Udvar-Hazy and the Pima Air Museum….

I’m out of town for a couple of nights and this is my first attempt at a remote scheduled blog post…hope it goes well…

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