2 thoughts on “Things that go well together…

  1. Does Jim Gant mention how he screwed his way through his tour in Iraq and dishonored his family?

    The guy is a dud. He brainwashed the Iraqis with his “warrior ethos” which accordinng to them included getting decked out in a man-dress and going to arranged sexual encounters with whores who serviced the Iraqi National Police. According to my sources his wife discovered his indiscretions when she tapped his email and saw pictures he was emailing to “boast” about.


    • Quite frankly, I’m nottoo worried about it; I’ve never met Jim Gant although it’s possible we migth run into each otherat one COIN/Irregular foum of one sort or another…whatI and others have been promoting has been his paper on Tribal Engagement Teams which still reads just as well as when it was first released andwhich contains concepts well applicable outside the AFGtheatre; regardless of any personal foibles or issues he may have, at least he had the courage of his convictions to write the paper and push it out as a possible solution/counter to those who mindlessly pound the drum of ‘legitimate central government’…


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