Well, it’s sad to say…

…I’m on my way….

Yep, the great homeward bound rubber band is starting to kick in now. The CLAW is over, another job well done by the lessons team, with the final report due for release in a week or so…have the weekend to finalise and also have a bit of a look around this corner of England…I’m not really that organised for touring though as did no homework at all scouting out any places of interest so will see where I end up…

It has been a  brilliant week and possibly the last time that the veterans of CLAW 1 will be together so there is an element of sadness today as well. But it has also been very rewarding and I will depart the UK with a head full of ideas for when I get home (just hope they are still all there when I get there!) Certainly we have totally validated the CLAW concept and what we need to focus on now is working more on the next stage of the process…

In all honesty I am no longer that fussed about being away for this long as so I will be more comfortable once the big silver bird departs Heathrow on Monday night heading for home…

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