Rambo: Last Blood

A movie that should never had been made…and that didn’t need to be…

To be honest, I probably only bought this because a. it is too damn easy to buy stuff through Mighty Ape and b. because it completes the John Rambo collection (hopefully not until another one!). Last Blood adds nothing to the Rambo saga: , the characters are two dimensional and the plot is non-existent, serving only to enables reprises of ‘John Rambo has 100 ways of killing – and they all work‘… (apologies to Charles Bronson’s The Mechanic).

The saga never needed a final movie for closure: Rambo did that well, as did each of the movie prior, from First Blood, through Rambo: Part 2 and then Part 3. Each movies allows the watcher to walk away satisfied leaving no heavy issues for later pondering.

Last Blood could have a been a totally different – and better movie – without resurrecting the spectre of the bitter angry out-of-control veteran. It’s not worth your money…if you must watch it, watch for it to turn up on your streaming service of choice.

If it doesn’t though, no great loss…

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