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Today, let a familiar shape inspire you…I wanted a broad theme that could be simple, fun, and festive, but also complex and introspective. And so, circle it is.

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Circles, circles, circles…circles everywhere, doing my head in…that’s how it felt when I got to the undercarriage stage of the large scale TSR.2 I was building in 2014. Being a paper model, every shape is transformed into 3D parts from a 2D printed sheet…wheel generally mean lots of circles…


…painstakingly cut out with a circle cutter…


…and laminated…


…layer by layer…


…until something approximating a wheel is formed.

Normally the next stage would be to mount each wheel on a drill and apply a sanding stick to the spinning tread surface to form the necessary tyre profile, colouring the final product with a deep grey. On this project, however, I decided that I had reached a point where I couldn’t continue and still produce a model that would be worthy, so this was deemed a test/recce build with the real thing to occur this year hopefully before the Scale Model Expo in Wellington on ANZAC Weekend…

This is the model’s home, here is the start of my build at the Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum, followed by my continuation build.

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It’s a big build – 82cm long when complete – and generally well designed albeit with some areas for improvement and the scale begs for more detail to the added to the pilot’s cockpit – you can barely see into the WSO’s cockpit as the canopy is not designed to open…

Watch this space for construction to re-commence but I am not looking forward to all those circles again..!

2 thoughts on “Circle | The Daily Post

    • The cutting-out of the other parts, I usually find quite therapeutic as that just tales a steady hand, good lighting and a bit of occasional patience…the circles, especially those on thicker card just mean going around and around and around until the shape pops loose, and then doing it again and again…you have to apply just enough pressure to keep cutting on each rotation but not so much that the blade decides to go off on its own path…repetitive shapes like this are certainly a good promotion for laser-cut accessory sheets – where such exist: they don’t for this model…

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