Happiness is…

…a big bone…DSCF8758-001 DSCF8739 DSCF8738 DSCF8737 DSCF8736New World Taumarunui was selling these for a dollar each – great for ‘staff’ morale and they last a lot longer than the average chew.

A couple of nights after they got these, Kirk woke me up around 3AM, whining at the front door. Sometimes he will does this when he thinks there is something outside – usually a deer – or when he needs to ‘go’. It was a clear moonlit night so I followed him outside to see what had piqued his interest.

We went up to the top of the house driveway and then a wee ways down the long driveway that runs further down the hill. About 20 metres along the way, Kirk stopped, and shovelled some leaves out of the way with his head. Satisfied, he turned around and trotted back to the house…no stray trampers…no dodgy deer…just checking that his bone was still where he had hidden it.


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