Movies – Dubai to Dusseldorf

man of steelA darker re-imagining of Superman is what they claimed and to a point this is that…Russell Crowe makes a credible comeback from the disaster of Robin Hood as Jor-El and certainly improves on Marlon Brando’s 1978 hack at the role…I thought the villains were largely unconvincing and not nearly as intimidating as the General Zod and his henchfolk in Superman II and was disappointed that the final battle was not much more than a knock ’em down, drag ’em out kind of thing. The story of Clark’s early years is more credible than any of the previous takes but I remain ambivalent about the lack of even a cameo from anyone from the Luthor family and have high hopes that this will be remedied in the sequel…

IMG_20131028_034423More fun with guns…I had low expectations of this movie but it is a must for the home library…it moves fast with an excellent selection of big boys’ toys and plot turns to keep me engaged. I do however have to say that it is EXTREMELY unlikely that any sort of RPG-7 is going to upset an M-1 Abrams with a direct frontal shot…

All the reviews for World War Z that I heard before I left NZ were bad but I have a thing for this sort of movie and had to see for myself. I am glad that I did because, while flawed in some areas, it is an interesting take on the zombie genre and fun to watch. I can only assume that those that than gave it such bad reviews are the same crew that bleated because The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are not 100% true in every detail to the original books. The flaws I found in it are more from poor editing than poor story development especially during the final flight where time is wasted with inflight emergencies that add nothing to the plot but their eventual landing is not shown…in the plane, now on the ground, in the plane, on the ground, plane, ground…did we miss something in the middle – the first time I watched it, I thought that I had nodded off for a few minutes. Only on rewatching the last 30 minutes was it clear that this apparent teleportation was simply the result of poor film editing…

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