Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus | The Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus | The Daily Post.

This is one of those serendipitous challenges – I’d just dumped the ashcan onto our mini land fill around the new water tank when I noticed the drops of water suspended off the branches of this apple tree (at least I think it’s an apple tree – it didn’t give me any clues last summer)…

My camera is a small but handy Fuji which fits in a pocket but on examination (short of reading the instructions) I couldn’t see any way to manually adjust the f-stop and exposure settings beyond the preset options. I did want a shallow depth of focus and not deep shot where the background would distract from the rain drops…I got this using the macro setting and it look’s OK but not as good as a true manual…


DSCF7149It was the same here…this is the magnolia closest to the house, all set to bud for the spring (clearly it has read the script) in stark contract to the one below which is still trying to decide – after three snows – whether it is really Autumn/Winter yet or if Summer’s just kidding around with all this frost and rain…


Then I walked back inside – you were waiting for the serendipitous bit, yeah? – and there was this challenge for Focus – just too me a while to get it together, that’s all…

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