Something Batty This Way Comes | rarasaur

As may be obvious from more and more of my posts outside The Thursday/Friday War, Rarasaur is becoming my dominant (in the nicest possible undomineering way) muse. In Something Batty This Way Comes, she discusses the idea of the project juggler: the person who can never just have one pot on the boil or ball in the air, the sort that doom themselves to endless ‘just-in-time’ catches and saves…yep, that’s me…


Anyone that has checked out my Workbench at the Unofficial Airfix Modellers’ Forum might get a glimmer of one way in which the affliction of project jugglerism manifests itself: I will start one model then be distracted or get bored with it or run up against a problem, and start on another and did so for years…and years…and years…


But now…there’s hope…with great will power, I have limited myself to only working on started modelling projects, only only those from this part of my stash, elevated to being allowed to stay in the lounge – mainly to minimise my exposure the temptations of the primary stash in the garage. I probably could have cropped the image but as is adds some perspective to how small this working stash actually is…Actually, to tell the truth, the original game plan was to restrict myself to an even smaller group – then I realised that that group was stack on a stash box that i had omitted to return the garage and once I opened that box (did someone say ‘Pandora’) I couldn’t resist playing with some of what was in it too…

So, yes, I am a project juggler, starting many things and striving to finish one…I’m clearly not the only one though as I came across this advice on Caron Dann’s The Crayon Files after she commented on one of Rara’s posts: ditch the to-do list:

The answer? Don’t have a list! Obviously, it’s good to have goals, but when you have so many that you’ll never have any hope of achieving them, it’s counter-productive. Often you have so much to do, you don’t know where to start.

So, the idea is, only put on your list what you can reasonably achieve.

Simple, you say.

Easy, you say.

Just do it, you say.

Were that it was so easy but I am knuckling down to focus…someone that I have a lot of time for once told me that if I aimed to do two things every day and did those two things, then I would very soon start to make progress…well, OK then but I have been getting up in the morning and going to bed in the evening like clockwork now and I’m not getting that warm fuzzy progress feeling yet…

Yes, I need to do this…I had a a trawl through the hard drive last week and was appalled at the number of unfinished writing projects (some going back years but still valid) that were gathering e-dust in forgotten folders; I need to finish current projects on the house before I start anymore…at least I am writing more which is positive and keeps skills alive…

Right then , enough of this time to get some stuff done…

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