It’s Art…yes, really…

This is one of those casual posts that just start when I get an angle on a particular image…it started with this:


Two six-year-olds watching cartoons

Kirk and Lily watching cartoons, very old cartoons that, according to the date in credits, were made in 1946…both the girls love them (we have three DVDs worth of them, including a very un-PC take on Superman) and Kirk is pretty keen too…I’m not sure what the attraction is – it’s not that the girls don’t like contemporary cartoons: we put this on at their request because the morning cartoons on TV had degenerated into the daily infomercials, but they’d been happily following those; it’s also not because this is all there is to choose from on the cartoon front in our house: we have a good selection of animated movies. There is just something timeless about Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of the crew that still appeals…it might not be modern art but it is definitely art…


Needless to say…this was very much edible art…now you see it…

We had quite an artie weekend that weekend – the girls had a choice of sponge or chocolate cake for the mandatory ‘helping in the kitchen’ session (like that’s actually a choice!!) and helped Nana create this chocoholic’s dream, although they insisted on the right to do their own decorating…this is Elisabeth applying her finishing touches…


…by Lily, aged 6…

Lily’s our creative girl and she left us this great little self-portrait with Elisabeth, Nana and Poppa…

I bet this is the last time that anyone gets between Terri and the last slice of lemon meringue pie

Does anyone really wonder why we call her ‘Scerri’ sometimes…?

Meanwhile, their youngest aunty was busy dealing to the zombie apocalypse in Rotovegas…a messy job but someone’s gotta do it…and it looks like she’s getting some real job satisfaction from it…

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