Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain | The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain | The Daily Post.

I normally don’t have time for the Daily Prompt but the rain in the last week or so, especially after the super-long and dry summer, has been phenomenal…Raurimu 020

We normally get quite high flow down the driveway which splits as it approaches the house and diverts off down the hill on either side…this morning I had a look out the back of the house when I feed the dogs and noticed that water was starting to flow up to the back of the house. I grabbed the spade and scraped out some encouragement for the water to go elsewhere…


Tonight, I am rather glad that I did as this would be flowing under the house otherwise – sorry, already got internal running water!


This is the water flowing the other way away from the house this evening, around the front of the spa and eventually into the pond next door – until *cunning plan* we build our own pond…

Meanwhile, on the mainland…this is the northern approach to Maheno, just south of Oamaru where I was brought up. ‘Normally’ this part of the main road would be some metres above the scraggly little creek that runs under the road…not so scraggly now…

…the pub is behind the Clark’s Mill sign on the other side of the railway berm, fortunately only the basement is flooded but the beer is still cool…

…and slightly east on the coast, this is the Kakanui Bridge, normally well above the river level…apparently the bridge shakes every time a floating tree hits it…



And that yellow and blue is what wearing hearing on the roof at the moment…


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain | The Daily Post

    • If the house goes, I think it’ll be more of an incredibly exiting toboggan ride than a gentle float away! Sun’s out this morning so all good…


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