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1990s parties….

JNCO Cse 1992 05

Tank, tank, tank

It was near the end of basic training and all the soldiers were getting ready for the war. A soldier came charging up to his corporal and said ” Corp, Corp, we don’t have enough rifles.,,what am I going to use for the war?

The corporal grabbed a broom, sawed off the bottom, and handed it to the soldier. “Here, use this instead.” (yes, we all know that this bit is BS because any infantry corporal would already have at least one Handle, Broom, Soldiers, For the Instructing Of immediately to hand)

How is this going to work?

“When you see the bad guys coming at you, just point it at them and say ‘Bullets bullets bullets'”.

So the soldier ran out with his new “rifle”. But soon he came running back “Corp, we don’t have enough bayonets!

The corporal tossed a piece of string at the private. “When you see the bad guys coming, throw this at them and say ‘Stab Stab Stab.‘”

The soldier was all ready for his war. He was sitting in his hole, hating being out there, when he saw an enemy creeping along the top of a nearby hill.

He grabbed his broom, pointed it at the bad guy and said “Bullets bullets bullets” and he fell down dead.

Wow! this really works” he thought. He started going through the bush when another enemy jumped out so he threw his string at him and said, ‘Stab Stab Stab!‘. The enemy fell down, dead.

Pretty soon, he saw another guy rampaging through the woods. He pointed his broomstick at him and yelled, ‘Bullets bullets bullets!’ Nothing, so he did it again, ‘Bullets bullets bullets!’ The guy was running at him now. He threw the string, Stab Stab Stab!’ The enemy plowed him over, mortally wounding him.

Then he heard the big guy mumbling as he went past him “Tank Tank Tank.”

Trentham Round the World Party 1995 010

Trentham Round the World Party 1995 004

Trentham Round the World Party 1995 014

Trentham Round the World Party 1995 013


The Cabbage Heads

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape | The Daily Post.

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