Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life | The Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life | The Daily Post

Phoneography has been the theme of recent WordPress Weekly Photo Challenges and I find myself here even more limited than I normally might consider myself in some of the challenges…I’m a bit old school and just carry a phone to take and receive calls and send and receive the occasional text. On rare occasions, I might use it for an alarm but that’t it – no bells, whistles or other 21st Century technotomfooleery…

So when the challenge calls for photos to be taken with one’s phone, life becomes a little interesting, more so when we don’t have coverage for this particular carrier at home so I am not wont to carry the damn thing around with me when I am at home – which these days is most of the time. But we persevere and I guess that’s why they call them Challenges and not Easies…

So a day in my life, specifically last Sunday 31 March 2013…seen through a 1.3 megapixel lens…



How the day started…we’ve gotten a bit slack and have been letting the big dogs sleep inside the last few weeks…a side effect of this is that one or both of us gets woken with a ‘kiss’ as soon as it is light…


The drought has been a worry for weeks now so it was good to wake up to moisture on the ground although the Island needs a lot more than this to do any real good…


…and looking at the eastern skies, the sun is already starting to burn through the cloud…


Breakfast is first up – well a bit of a clean up in the kitchen first – although it rained that night, old habits die hard and dish rinse water is poured by habit over plants by the front door, baby chestnut trees in this case…


I’d remembered to put some bread on the night before so here it is all fresh and yummy out of the bread-maker…


Because the girls are still producing big time we have oodles of eggs for scrambled eggs for breakfast, so scrambled eggs on fresh bread in the order for breakfast…but first just to pop out to the garden for some fresh parsley…


…and a reminder from the little (in relation to the ‘big dogs’) dog that I’m not the only one that needs feeding…


So that’s them happy for a while…


…and them that are exiled to the small coop while the effects of their worm dose wears off…


and then into the ‘big house’ to feed the general chook population…


…that’s these ladies…


And also to check that the new chook waterer thingie is working OK…DSC00037

…while remembering to remove their early morning labours…DSC00035

…before heading through the gate to the Chalet…guests from the weekend had already departed so time for a quick check inside – yup, tiptop, no problems plus a couple of Parrotdog beers left in the fridge – Thank you!!! With the benefit of hindsight, i guess that I could and should have taken some pics of what the Chalet is like inside but, to be honest, never thought about it – next, day in the life Challenge, I promise…DSC00032

And now off over the other side of the Chalet to check on Fred…he’e here somewhere…


Ah, he is – Fred is prone to wander and some day soon is in for a bit of a shock when the fences get reconnected to the grid…DSC00033

He does a pretty good job though – clearing away the blackberry – he could clear other stuff but he has become a little spoilt and particular about his diet…DSC00034

Pre-Fred, this was all blackberry…DSC00038

…and finally back to the office for work…well, actually, quite a few hours trying to work out how to get these photos off said high-tech phone (in 2006) and onto a computer…it is too old to support native USB connections and the interface software is to old and cranky to want to run on Win7, even after I went and searched and dug-out the old installation CD and connection cables – ah, yup the good old days of proprietary interfaces….NOT!

After many trials and tribulations and slings of outrageous fortune, I finally managed to achieve the mission using the common interface of Bluetooth between the phone and my trusty netbook…and this is where I spent the rest of my day working on various projects….




















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