Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Although I must admit to feeling rather delicate in the mornings as I adjust to my first significant break from work in almost three years but the world’s probably not quite ready for those pics yet…

I took these at the 2011 Scale Model Expo in Wellington…the size of the placard with each model will give you some idea of the scale and the delicate work that has gone into these creations…

Scale Model Expo 2009 051

Scale Model Expo 2009 026

Scale Model Expo 2009 027

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

    • Possibly more time-intensive than labour-intensive – all depends on the patience and skill of the modeller…many of the railings will be photo-etched brass so someone quite practised in their application could progress them quite quickly. The fiddlier bits would be the lines and antennas strung around the masts but again someone with the patience, practise and skill could probably progress quite quickly. All kinda moot for me as in that scale I could barely see the model let alone the finer detail parts!


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