Weekly Photo Challenge: Why I Don’t Invite Milla Jovovich to Tea | rarasaur

Weekly Photo Challenge: Why I Don’t Invite Milla Jovovich to Tea | rarasaur.

There I was just strolling through downtown WordPressville – a small but growing community where you can run into the most amazing people – when I saw this title, and just couldn’t browse past it…actually I was just checking out the competition from those people that liked my Photo Challenge post…so I made a complimentary comment…then I thought, why not Press This? Now I’m looking at the list of post titles on the left and thinking hmmmm, maybe I’ll follow this one…

It’s not often I run across a post that just grabs me all the way to the end and, like a really good book, leaves me wanting a sequel right now…this is one that did…

Edit: Just in case anyone has just arrived on the planet, THIS Milla Jovovich…you know, with the hair, the fashion sense and the big gun…

Actually, my OCD just won’t let me load a post without a picture, it just won’t…

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Why I Don’t Invite Milla Jovovich to Tea | rarasaur

  1. Thank you– that’s so kind! You’re always welcome around my blog, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing me popping all over yours with nonsense-comments, ha! 🙂 *hugs* Thanks again!


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  3. Lol, love Rara, she’s brilliant. Actually, there’s no way Mila is getting invited over for tea here either. 🙂


    • Without having raised the subject here, the same probably applies – it must be depressing knowing of all these dinner invites she will never get…


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