Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

A traditional rural long-drop ‘dunny’…a great place for solitary introspection…but kinda scary to navigate to by night with only a flickering torch or candle – rule of thumb: the darker and scarier the night the greater the rate of flicker – it’s a physics thing…

And this…

…a single solitary Bambi that used to visit over the summer of 2009/10…he was pretty bold and sometimes would come right up and look in through the front door…we’re sure that he is still around as we get occasional sightings on the front lawn…

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

    • Thanks…they are a bit of an icon but I can’t really say that I’m in a big hurry to give up an indoors facility any time soon…


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    • Thanks, Ailsa…have been in the air the last 36 or so hours and so just catching up on email etc now – noticed the tardy release of this week’s photo challenge and so, yes, am more than happy to climb aboard the Weekly Travel Theme this week – have only just arrived in Brussels where all the trees are loosing their eaves in contrast to spring time back home… I wish that I had picked up this theme a few hours ago when we were transiting through Changi where the smoking rooms in the airport (one of them anyway) have trees and bushes instead of being sterile glass-walled rooms where everyone else can just stare in at the smokers. While I’m not one myself, I really thought that the Changi approach with the foliage was so much more soothing…don’t have access to my image library while I am away but will keep an eye out for a good foliage theme for this week…


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