Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This is my big dog, Kirk, before he became my BIG dog – we’ve had him since he was an itty puppy and have watched his growth over the past five years into a big dog that loves to watch animal shows on TV….

I posted an item under the Mundane to Meaningful writing challenge last week about my thoughts when I spotted the Avenger being rolled out at RNZAF Ohakea last week. Although it kinda reflects my thoughts at the time, it’s a bit maudlin and, IMHO, not that effective as a piece of writing…

So without taking anything away from the young men and women that launch themselves into the air each day from Ohakea in Hueys and Air trainers and now NH-90s and A-109s, here’s what my first instinct to write about for that challenge really was…

Saryrday afternoon and I’d finished work – I normally work a Tuesday-Saturday weekend to align with Carmen’s week and also to align with the US working day as a large portion of my work is engaging with overseas partners – and I’d just relocated downstairs from the study where I work, often eight hours in a single (literally) sitting, to the lounge where I can stretch out on the couch by the fire, watch some TV and surf the net.

Surfing the net outside off the study is a relatively new experience for us as we have always been somewhat bandwidth-limited in our scenic rural location and thus never really felt the need or had the driver of cable broadband to invest in an internal wifi router, aggravated by the fact that straight routers independent of a built-in ADSL modem haven’t been that common. Just after Christmas last year, we finally replaced our standard phone and internet services with a satellite connection – complete with big ugly dish on the west-facing side of the house – from Farmside. It’s still quite a novelty being free of the study to surf anywhere in the house, even – wow – in bed!

I don’t remember the weather but it must have been cold as the fire had been on all day – whatever the weather, it’s almost always warm inside as the house has been designed as a real heat trap in winter – but opens right up to keep us cool in summer (next time we actually have one) – so it’s not like we need to huddle around the fireplace to keep cosy. It just happens to be that it is right by the couch that faces directly onto the TV.

So getting back to Kirk…as I said we’ve had him since he was a little little puppy but he’s probably closer to me because he used to come to work with me when he was little rather than be left outside with the other dogs on a large and (then) unfenced section. I had my own office and it’s not like there was a mass stream of people queuing up to visit anyone in the doctrine/lessons learned world. So Kirkie’s kinda bonded more with me than anyone else…what that means is that every once in a while, he’s gets a bit angsty and follows me around like a shadow. If I shuffle so much as a foot along the couch, he’ll get up walk a whole half-step and then thunks (it’s like he just switches his legs off and drops) down on the floor at my feet again.

So when I’m on the couch and the fire’s on, Kirk will usually be crashed out on the floor right by the fire. You may have noticed that Kirk is a large black dog and you’ve probably already joined the dots with his heat-absorption abilities. He’ll lie there for an hour or so, slowly baking before having enough of that and lumbering over to the water bowl in the kitchen where being hot, he slobbers down a couple of litres before resuming his position with his head on my foot. So what this has to with Mundane to Meaningful, WordPress Challenges and the like?

Well…just as that inaugural Weekly Writing Challenge email chirped into my inbox – I was watching JAG by the fire – big Kirk sicked up over my feet….no surprise really after he’d just slurped up a litre or so of water from the bowl in the kitchen. I let him outside, just in case there was more to follow, and mopped up his mess – mostly water so not too bad. When I let him back in, he loped over to the ‘scene of the crime’ , sniffing all a round it, almost like he wanted to make sure it was all cleaned up…and was really quite embarrassed by his little whoopsy…

Sometimes Kirk and his offsider, Lulu, appear so human…you really wonder what is going on in those big heads; why these massive carnivores dote on us so much…what did someone say recently? That we should aspire to be the people our dogs think we are…? So when Kirk trails me around the house, squeezes into tiny space under my desk or between the coffee table and the couch, just to be closer to me, I can cut him some slack because he’s my mate…

He makes me sound like a doofus sometimes…

1 thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. Nice post, Sir. It’s never a bad thing to take a moment to appreciate the relationship and wonder at the unlikely chain of events that made the symbiosis of dogs and humans so mutually profitable.


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