Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I think this is Hers because its mouth is always open….

We love our home but the entire interior is brown…wood grain, chipboard of one form or another, for a little variety, maybe varnished woodgrain or chipboard of one form or another…boringly, depressingly brown…

It was designed to be functional as a ski lodge, not as a home, and everything is very hardy, pretty much (but not always) practical, and functional. It didn’t have bedrooms when we bought it, just cubicles for bunk beds – lots of them – and they were the first to go in the first month of our occupation.

The interior doors were all white…boringly, depressingly white and functional…a few years back we used to spend the better part of two hours a day driving to and from work (back in the good old days when we both worked in the same place) and, in winter, that used to be a whole new source of depression as it’d be dark when we left and dark when we got home: we’d turn on the lights to be confront with brooown, and more broooown…and the brooownest most depressing part of the house is the back hallway which doesn’t get much light to brighten it up….

This one night, on the way home, we decided to add a splash of colour to the booooring brooooown back hallway (well, actually, it’s just THE hallway as it’s the only one we’ve got). We stopped at the ‘Kune Bunnings (when such still existed) and bought a litre (quart for those less enlightened) of nice purple paint; had a quick snack as soon as we got in the door, and set to de-hanging doors…there were nine doors coming off the hallway (got that down to eight now with the absorption of the spare shower into a larger bathroom – yes, it actually has a bath in it now; before it was just a ‘basin’ room – one day the bath might actually get hooked up to some utilities…) and over the next two night we removed cleaned, sanded and painted four of the them (His, Hers, laundry and #1 shower).

In a previous episode of Raurimu Renovation, we had scored some wooden heads from the Teak import shop in Te Kuiti and, after much intellectual discussion on which was His and which was Hers, mounted them to respective doors….

This might also give you a teeny taste of broooown…..



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