Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

I’m more of a deliberate photographer – that fleeting moment where I just happen to have my camera out and ready when an opportunity presents itself rarely, if ever, happens to me…fleeting moments in the street is even more of a challenge because we’re not big on streets where we live…the odd road and lots of tracks of varying descriptions and capabilities but not many streets…so my search today focussed more on fleeting moments than streets…

I got back as far as 1988 before I found this one which happily conbined both…two children playing in flood water in downtown Kota Bahru around September 1988 as we staged for the Great Thailand-Singapore Amphibious Cycle Ride – the amphibious bit being unplanned but necessary: next time we probably wouldn’t plan such an event to sync with the first week of the monsoon…

This is a picture that I scanned using my newly acquired negative scanner in 2010 – in going through these phtos I have noticed that there was a hair in the scanner the whole time I was scanning these negatives so I will have to go back and redo the lot. It’s not hard, just tedious and, once I replace the netbook that melted down on my way home from Vancouver, it’s a job that can be whittled away at in front of TV….


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment


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  5. Nope…standing in the middle of the ‘street’, about thigh deep…the great thing about the rain here is that it is just wet and rarely cold…


    • It’s packed away at the moment but I should track it down and start using it again. I replaced my fried (leaves a bad taste in your mouth though!) netbook with a gruntier Sony Vaio which will be better able to manage images so I should combine the two devices with long winter nights into a productive activity…when I find the scanner I might – if I remember – do a blog item on it as one of the tools that supports my writing…


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