Weekly Photo Challenge – Friendship

Friendship is this week’s photo challenge…Ruby wasn’t too sure about the new kid on the block but once he indicated that he understood who really was boss, everything was rosy…during the Great Pig Invasion of ’07, it was little Kirk who stood his ground when one of them barrelled over Ruby. Ruby’s not with us any more, passing away soon after this picture was taken, but if she was, the proportions shown here would pretty well be reversed as Kirk is now a very healthy 55+ kilograms…

The Great Pig Invasion

Not ‘friendship’…they came in low under the fence one afternoon, accompanied by a semi-wild mama pigess who was well into a major sense of funny failure…the RDC animal control officer took one look and decided ‘not my problem’…in the end, armed Police had to come down – if our last attempt to corrall them hadn’t been successful, it would have been pork and bacon all around for a year…!

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