Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Unfocussed is the theme for this week’s WordPress photo challenge – I looked through the photo archives and found a whole lot of 70s and 80s party photos that were all crystal-clear while my memories of many of them are somewhat unfocussed but I don’t quite think that’s what Sara had in mind when she thought this one up.  Like many of us, I guess, I tend to ditch any photos that aren’t up to speed and modern cameras make it all so easy so actually finding an out of focus photo was a bit of a challenge (which would be why it’s the weekly ‘challenge’, huh?) – if only the theme had been under- or over-exposed…stacks of material to work with there!!

Anyways, I finally found this…it’s the Esci 1/48 F-16A that I built in my brief redalliance with modelling after starting my first job and having considerably more disposable cash that I was used to – at the time I was pulling the massive amount of $67 in the hand each week so was able to splash out…this redalliance only lasted a few months, maybe until I packed up to move to Invercargill but there is proof (albeit somewhat blurred) that I did once actually finish a model build!!

I don’t think I have any photos of all the models that I built at school although occassionally I recognise a part from way back then when it surfaces in my spares box – yes, I have started modelling again but my completion rate is still no better but I’m working on it…I log my builds now over at the Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum if anyone’s interested…still very slow and certainly not methodical but since shedding the other job that I have been covering all year I hope really hoping to have some decent spare time to devote to playing catch up…

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